Animation Maker: Inkscape Review, Pricing, Features

Inkscape is an open source community’s alternative to Adobe Illustrator. It an accepted industry standard tool for the production of vector-based graphics.

It is a credible alternative for anyone whose budget is not stretch to Illustrator. With some limitations of Inkscape, it doesn’t match the full range of features of Illustrator.

However, it has developed into an application for a professional tool. Below is the review of Inkscape.

Inkscape Review: What It Is?

It is both free and open source vector graphics editor with a unique native format that differentiates it from similar programs. Inkscape has a clean, consistent, and very stable interface.

Inkscape uses SVG, Scalable Vector Graphics, and an open XML-based W3C standard. SVG is an excellent format for creating, designing logos, and banners or any media that modified in vector mode.

The reason is that the SVG format allows graphic designers to make graphics that balance it any size while keeping their original quality. With Inkscape, it makes all of this possible.

Benefits Overview

Inkscape’s node editing is one of its outstanding features. Nodes are frameworks that show the vector graphics created and linked to some mathematical procedure.

It also allows artists and designers to manipulate objects, images, and graphics that factorized. Inkscape comes with tools to shift nodes and Bezier handles.

Inkscape features created specifically for moving nodes include the insert nodes between segments, join selected nodes, delete nod, breaking path of selected nodes, etc.

When inserting nodes, users could insert tons of it. This makes them manipulate many details of the object and move its edges in different ways.

Deleting nodes also generate curves on its edges. This broken path of the selected node would result in the forming of an object with a starting point and an endpoint instead of one fluid object.

To straighten an edge, select the join selected nodes and a new segment. If the tool for making selected node symmetrical is chosen, it allows you to pull out one side of the handle while the other side scaled accordingly.

When it comes to SVG format support, it is the perfect program used for creating SVG format files and editing them as well. Furthermore, it makes you do a live watching and editing of the document tree which is done in the XML editor.

Inkscape Cost

Fortunately, Inkspace offers no enterprise pricing plans to think about. The software is an open source solution licensed under the GPL or General Public License.