Best Tools For Making Animated Videos: Animatron Overview

Most of us know how engaging high-quality whiteboard animation videos affect your business. Furthermore, since engagement means customers, animations also mean more conversion.

To create an excellent animated video, Animatron is an online animation tool designed for professionals and beginners. With this tool, making HTML5 animations, GIFs, videos, presentations, etc. is easier than you thought.

What is Animatron?

The tool is a powerful online animation maker that enables you to create stunning animations videos right in the browser. Animatron is also the cloud-based tool, which means it does not require any installations and plugins.

Animatron is built on the newest and safest HTML5 technology. This allows for the universal playback, both on desktop computers and mobile devices.

Who Should Use It?

Animatron is the product of choice for marketing professionals, designers, freelancers, marketing and design agencies. It is also for small business owners, educators who want to create pro-looking videos, presentations, and animations in-house.

The software is an insightful and easy to learn tool for both adults and kids. It comes with a free Marketplace with hundreds of pre-animated characters, props, and backgrounds that allow creating animations with a simple drag-and-drop.

Furthermore, it offers impressive importing options that allow you to import images, fonts, video, and audio in a range of formats.

First Look

When you first sign in to the software, it presents with a tutorial video that walks you through all the basics. However, if you have used any type of video or animation software before like PowToons, the platform looks pretty familiar.

The scenes place is on the right-hand side which the transitions between scenes as locating there as well. It got everything that can add to your animation on the left-hand side.  At the bottom is the timeline where you can control how long you want each scene or component to last.

Video Creation

In terms of creating an animation video, the best place practice is to start is the Animated Sets within the marker.  The section includes characters and themed like science, food, nature, etc.

To do that, click on the image you want to add into the video and it will pop-up on the editing canvas. From there, it has options for changing the position, opacity, size, scale, rotation, movement, and audio narration.

Remember, if you work on adding in your animation video, make sure you switch to “Animation” mode at the top center. After that, drag your objects wherever you like them to move to.