How To Create A Cartoon Animation For Advertising: Best Animated Video Makers

In the past, creating cartoons was a timely and exhausting course. It needs a massive amount of detail, skill, and money.

In the present day, however, creating cartoons has never been so simple. The best part of it is that they are illustrations existing in a purely fictional world.

Cartoon animation does not need any actors, set, and stages. Moreover, you can easily convey the core of your business with this method.

Use The Best Animation Maker-Powtoon

If you are going to make the best video, the best to do that is use the best animation maker. Try Powtoon, it is easy to use with animated templates and brilliantly animated characters.

PowToon also our allows you to choose between presentation mode and video mode as well as export your animation as an MP4 movie, play on the web, and even upload to YouTube.

Furthermore, you use its service for free if you don’t mind having the Powtoon logo on your video or presentation.

However, if you want to remove the logo from the animated video, you can purchase export credits that start at $14 per export which is very cheap. As for its unlimited professional plan, it starts around $20 per month.

How to use PowToon:

  • Register an account and click Start now.
  • Pick up a template and create a cartoon. Add text, characters, effects, transitions.
  • Once you are done, click the Export and download button.

Using Powtoon With Other Presentation

To start making a cartoon video on Powtoon you must click “Start Now” which the given option are ready-made Powtoon, or to start from scratch. There is also an option for making Dynamic Presentations.

For starters, start with the Ready-Made Powtoon called “Increase Conversions”. There are several other templates to choose from including “Sell Sell Sell!” for discounted products, “Compare and Contrast” for comparing products, and “Big Announcement” for special offers.

Once you decided on a template, take the editing screen which looks similar to PowerPoint at first glance, albeit a much more simplified version. You’ll notice right away that the majority of standard PowerPoint features are missing and have been replaced with very basic ones.

On the right side, there is an image library with figures, props, backgrounds, speech bubbles, and animated figures. If you want to use other images or backgrounds import them from the computer by clicking on the top bar.

The options for transitions between slides are also on the right-hand side as well as the choices for animating text.

On the left side, you can see the slides and what transitions applied. The bar at the top of the screen has sound and text options and the bar on the bottom is the slide timeline.