Craft Your Marketing Animation Video With Lightworks: Review

Lightworks is a remarkably powerful video editor. It packs with professional quality tools that will make your clips shine.

Moreover, it is fast, flexible, and once used to its unusual workflow, you find it remarkably easy to use.

Whatever kind of project you have in mind, Lightworks enables you to achieve it.

If you simply want to trim a video to size or combine several short sections of footage before uploading them to YouTube, this tools’ timeline helps you get the job done in moments.

Working With It

Lightworks guides you through the process of setting up your first project with simple tooltips. However, they are a far cry from the powerful tutorials and wizards available in some other software.

While it supports all the import formats that the paid version does, it is still tricky getting everything to import easily for the uninitiated. Additionally, you have to define project settings like resolution and frame rate before you importing your files.

If you set anything different from your video, dive into settings and tweak them until you get it right. Once you are in though, it is one of the most powerful free video editors on the globe.

For example, its visual effects tools are easily accessible, and they let you tweak every aspect of the image to a fine degree of detail. It also allows you to finely tune titles down to the exact pixels of their orientations and locations carefully customize their shadows, and more.

Sadly, the software does not offer a satisfying solution for users who just want to drag and drop pre-canned effects into their home movies.


Lightworks free version limits export resolution and format. It maxes out at 720p, and only in MPEG4/H.264.

However, it still enables you to export directly to YouTube or Vimeo. Other features like 3D, timeline rendering, and project sharing are also exclusive to the paid version.

The export formats make the free version of the tool is limited for serious video editing enthusiasts. Still, it also does not provide enough help to the sorts of home users who do not care about the 720p cap.

Lightworks is extremely powerful. However, with its export limitations, it’s better to try before you buy the paid version.