All that You Need: Empressr


  • It’s totally complete. It works as a full presentation and creation app and tool.
  • Uploads and even supports various format i.e. images, audio, video, even flash
  • The app has its own slide control for easy timing and transition. Very useful if you want everything on time.
  • It has its own built in tool that lets you record audio and video and add it to your slide


  • You aren’t able to pick any theme or transition and slides.
  • The multiple tools present also makes it a little bit complicated and maybe hard for some
  • There’s no print option so no way to print individual slides
  • A few glitch are present like the embed option loads very slow

Website Description

Empressr is one of the first flash web-enabled presentation that has almost all of the things you’ll need in order to make a presentation. Aside from that, it has all you need to create it, manage it, publish it and share the presentation with anyone. With this tool, you can also measure the presentations with the help of built in analytical tools. If you want to keep your presentation privately you could set a password for it.

What makes the Website better than other websites?

Unlike the many others out there, Empress allows their users to create presentations that are very PowerPoint like. And their tool is based on internet technology and distribution, which makes it better than rest. Its interface might lack some templates, but it’s very easy to use, even for beginners. But what makes this tool very unique is that unlike others, you can add your own media to the presentation to achieve a different experience. You can also interact with other users of Empressr with the help of their online community. You could learn more help from people who use it, you can also share your presentation there so people could comment.

Products and Services they offer

  • It allows you to create powerful presentations online.
  • It allows you to use to make presentations using your video, audio, images, and animations.
  • You can even go as far as customizing the size of your presentations.
  • Since it’s web-based you can access your presentations anytime, anywhere.
  • Even if you import powerpoint presentations, you could still edit and save it.
  • There’s an Empressr online community where you can share your presentations, make friends, comment on each other and ask for tips.
  • You can create dynamic charts and graphs by importing your data.
  • There’s a way to organize your assets in your Media Library, to keep things organized.
  • You can set up a password to secure your presentations.
  • It has built- in analytical tools, you can measure your slide’s effectiveness.
  • You can publish your presentation on their site and you have the choice to publish it publicly or privately.
  • You can publish it on any website that’ll accept HTML.

Customer Reviews

-This tool is superb, especially for those who are in a hurry. There’s no need to upload it before having the capability of sharing it because you get to do it in one tool. You can even publish it anywhere as long as the site supports HTML, this is a pretty win. Maybe if they add in some slides or transitions it would be so much better. But nonetheless, I would let my friends know about this useful tool.



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