Magisto Review: Tools For Making Animated Videos

With Magisto, it allows you to turn all of your stale mobile footage into a polished compilation video that’s ready to be shared. The app analyzes your videos, picks out interesting clips, and automatically edits them together.

Furthermore, it completes your video with music and transitions. It requires no editing skills at all.

Getting Started

Right off the bat, Magisto makes things simple with two large buttons. It lets you either start shooting a new video or jump straight to your Gallery to sift through existing videos.

If you choose to shoot a new video, the tool jumps to its in-app recorder. Each time you start and stop recording, your new clip is save in a drawer on the side of the screen.

From the drawer, it permits you to see what clips you recorded. Moreover, easily delete any that you don’t want to include in your final compilation video.

Once done recording, hit Next to begin selecting any other media you might want to include in your final edit. The video picker interface lets you look through files in your Gallery as well as any media that might be stored on your Google Drive account.

Since the app supports all standard video formats, you should not have to worry about transcoding anything. All you have to do is pick the items you want to include in your final edit and let Magisto find the interesting parts to edit together.


Plan Price Details
Magisto Free Magisto is a fun and easy way to share your video memories with your friends. Just shoot and upload your videos and photos and Magisto turns them into beautifully edited Movies, complete with music and effects, in minutes.

And it’s all done automatically, with a click! Magisto is currently available on the web at, on Android, and on iOS devices.

Premium Monthly $4.99/month The Premium is our paid service. Users may upgrade on a yearly recurring or monthly recurring subscription basis to get more out of Magisto.

Premium users have the ability to create Longer Movies up to 2-and-a-half minutes, to upload more photos and videos to create each Movie and to download completed Movies.

Premium Yearly $19.99/year The Premium with a yearly subscription.
Business Monthly $19.99/month It is for Business is a smart video editor and an exciting new service tailored to meet all your marketing and promotional needs. W

Business users can upgrade on a yearly or monthly subscription basis to take advantage of these new features and get more out of it.

Grow your business using video stories. It’s not magic. It’s Magisto.

Business Yearly $119.99/year Magisto Business with a yearly subscription.