How To Make A Product Video: Simple Ways To Create A Great One

According to study, 73 percent of consumers are more likely to purchase your products after watching a video that you created. The question left unanswered is why not help your customer make a right decision by making more tempting product video.

In this video, it gives you simple ways to make a product video that looks not just good but a remarkable one.

Use SAFER Method (Script, Additional Effort, Film, Edit, Repeat)

SAFER is the traditional approach to video production. You write a script, put more effort, film it being acted out, and then edit the footage to a final version.

In the past, every element of this process was expensive and time-consuming. However, in the modern time’s access to smartphones, low-cost cameras with a video record mode, and software like Powtoon, creating a professional looking video is much less pester than before.

Remember to not overlook the video record mode on recent DSLR cameras. This helps you achieve stunning visual quality using a device you may already own.

Even though SAFER is the most time intensive way to make a product demo, it gives the most flexibility and control manner.

The Shorter The Better

A viral six seconds social video platform Vine is becoming both enormous trends. It is also a very funny setting for creating and sharing product videos.

Not only does Vine provide a convincing way to display the products and engage possible customers, it also gives you access to a fast-growing social network.

Furthermore, it’s often very helpful to narrow the focus of what you are doing. This is where 360 products really shine.

These are effectively videos that allow interactively rotating an object. They serve as highly effective and affordable product display mechanisms.

By narrowing the task to something easy to understand, the result is often much higher quality and easier to achieve.


The software company like Powtoon offers a service that takes your product catalog and creates product videos using existing images and text you already have. This is also a very low cost and fast way of generating videos for your list.

On the other hand, Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 allows you to export a presentation as a video. With this option, use a familiar tool to author your own product videos complete with text, images, and narration.

Final Thoughts

Almost every large online retailer now uses video. But you have the ability to create effective videos without shouldering the cost and time of finding and hiring an entire production company.