You should watch out for Prezentit


This is the place where you can create your presentations by yourself or together with others. It is an application that allows us to work on our presentations online for free and accessible at all the times. You can also share and show your presentations anytime and anywhere for any place for viewing and editing.


  • Setting up an account is quick and hassle-free
  • Free of charge
  • Clear and stress-free to access
  • With good transitions
  • Compatible with all web browsers
  • Signing up is fast and easy


  • Having difficulty in saving your work
  • Gives you limited functionality
  • It’s not very reliable
  • Still in alpha mode
  • once you try to present your presentation some text boxes or pictures merely disappeared


What makes the website better than other websites?

Prezentit is better than other websites because it allows the userupload photos and stores them online. Furthermore, itprovides slide transitions that offer users with a wide range of smooth and classy options.In addition, it can be a substitute to your Powerpoint in the classroom as well. Moreover, this application is online so students can start their project in school and finish it at home. The advantage of this is they don’t have to buy software or products. Therefore, students can easily use this to give presentations in the classroom as well.

Additionally, theyhave the ability to post comments directly onto the presentations. These comments features will make it easier for teachers to make sure that students are completing the required reviews. It is a perfect tool to use especially in the classroom.Both teachers and students can benefit in the websitesince they can present a slide show. The students can give their opinions over the information covered in the presentation.

This website allows users in collaborating on the same project to edit slides online at the same time. Their presentations are accessible and can be viewed or edited at any time. Gaining access to a presentation is very simple since the line is compatible with all web browsers. It depends upon us if make our presentation in public or to keep it in private. The design and the layout are very straightforward. What’s unique about is that you can comment on presentation as well. Prezentit is a beneficial resource that can be utilized during any company’s business meetings. It has the capability to connect to the same presentation from an infinite number of locations all across the globe.

It’s a good advantage for a company since it widenstheir audience from local to international in just one click. Wherever you are as long as you have an internet connection, you have the ability to view the presentation. This website helps salesperson increase his profits without having to tour the country.Isn’t remarkable?


Products and services

  • can be used in multiple hands-on meetings
  • technology based projects
  • programming
  • website building
  • students can integrate their technology knowledge into their projects and assignments


Customer reviews

  • Unlike PowerPoint, you can only add pictures and text to the presentation itself also there is no side template
  • PreZentit’s interface is quite friendly and simple to use. You can create an online presentation quickly with minimal effort.
  • The presentation builder is well-matched with Firefox, Internet explorer and Camino browsers.
  • You can download and view presentations using only a web browser even if there is no internet connection
  • PreZentit works with the web as the main saving area so there is no need to install or download anything
  • Prezentit is continually working to update the program and improve on their weaknesses!







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