Make Stunning and Killer Videos with Raw Shorts


Raw Shorts is a free platform for anyone who wants to make professional videos for businesses.



  • High-quality videos
  • Ready-made templates
  • Cloud-based
  • Export and Share



  • Hard to use for the first-timers
  • Not so user-friendly
  • Editing tools are buggy
  • Confusing web setup



Website Description

The mission of Raw Shorts is to make stunning and killer videos by using the tools they offer. It is a do-it-yourself video tool which is helpful in your business and allows you to create instructional website videos. These explainer videos will further explain the business’ service and core function. This DIY online web platform enables subscribers high-quality videos and animations for free or avails the plan. It’s easy to make because of its drag and drop feature and it is cloud-based.


Raw Shorts is trusted by CapitalOne, American Airlines, Coca-Cola, IBM, Ocean Spray, Nielsen, Sony, and Pfizer.

What makes the Website better than other websites?

The reason why you should choose Raw Shorts because of what it can it offer you, like:

Simple Drag and Drop Builder

  • Step 1: select what template you want to use that you can use for promoting your business.
  • Step 2: add texts, images, audio, effects, transitions, and other media in your video animation. Don’t settle in templates only.
  • Step 3: post your DIY animated video on YouTube or Facebook, or on other websites. Sharing is fast and easy since it is a cloud-based platform.


DIY Video and Animation

  • It’s Easy to Use – with just drag and drop, you can still make professional and stunning videos with a variety  of templates you can use.
  • Professional Results – though you are not so good with video creation and animation, a finished product of your DIY video will look like a professional made it.
  • Free – though it offers premium plans which are billed monthly and per export, they also offer free use.

Products and Services They Offer

Plans you can avail are:


inclusions are RawShorts branding, can be uploaded to Youtube with 480P SD low resolution. It also has 8 libraries that you can use and standard music library. With 25MB storage capacity.

Pack of 3 exports

you can upload into social media and YouTube. You can remove the watermark and outro in the video and download it. Copy in HD 720P  with premium music library and 36 libraries. A capacity of 100MB storage and no RawShorts branding. It is only $20 per export.

Pack of 10 Exports

The package is the same with a pack of 3 but HD 720P. The same number of libraries and music library being offered. With bigger storage of 1GB. It will cost $12 per export.

Pack of 25 Exports

what was offered in the pack of 10 is the same but the user is allowed to transfer photos and videos using the licensed third-party. It is $8 per export.

Premium Subscription

the same with the package with a pack of 10. You can also export 25 HD quality videos but only 250MB storage. You are being billed $49 a month.

Agency Subscription

package of 25 features which allows 50 HD quality videos can be exported. It will cost $39 a month.

Professional DIY Videos

it allows you to make professional animations in your videos in a matter of minutes. These tools can help you out.

Animated Charts

present presentable data by using animated charts and tables. It is not your regular and boring charts and tables.

Templates And Media Library

a variety of templates, characters, and graphics you can use that will suit your needs.

Easy Drag and Drop

which you will surely love because it makes a video making it easier.

Sharing Your Video

proudly share your creation with others in 3 ways.

Web Sharing

it can be shared and posted on Twitter and Facebook because of its social media options it offers.

Exporting Video

you can export your video in HD resolution whether you are online or offline. You can download the video in MP4 file.


privately share and edit the video together with your friends or workmates.

Customer Reviews

“it’s easy for me to use but it took more time in searching for the graphics and images to use. Hopefully next time we can use keywords to find the right media.”

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