How To Start Making Your First Demo Video: Best Key Principles

Many businesses owners do not use demo videos which costs them a lot in the future. Instead of letting them sit back while they deliver the information in a compelling way, most of them force visitors to go through written copy and figure out how products work.

Other great businesses use demo videos. However, they struggle with execution.

If you applied the principles that this article gives you in your video, there are high chances that it increases engagement and turn more visitors into customers by folds.

Start With A Script

Many people wrapped up in video production tools and cool animation effects. However, they gloss over the most important piece of any successful demo video which the script.

You do not need a script when you sit down with someone face to face while explaining how your product works. However, you judge their reactions in real-time and adjust your message to keep them engaged.

But when it comes to video, you do not have that luxury time. Hence, a script helps you cut out all the filler and ensure the content you do include is compelling to as many viewers as possible.

Focus On The Opening

According to study, you have only about eight to twelve seconds to get a viewer’s attention. If you do not get them interested in that timeframe, most will stop watching your demo video.

Keep Everything Short

Even if you have an interesting product, no one will stick around to watch a 10-minute demo. Users just do not have that kind of patients online.

The ideal length for a demo video is around two minutes or less. Limiting yourself to that length can make the video more effective because it forces you to focus on the most important features which benefit and eliminate the filler.

Do Not Think That It Will Go Viral

Making a viral video takes a lot of time, money, and extreme luck. Even when businesses go out of their way to write a humorous screenplay and even break the bank on high production value, viral video is never guaranteed.

Hence, stressing about it too much can pull attention away from the video’s purpose and make it less compelling.

Watch Out For High Information Density

It is very tempting for creators pack in as many details as they want. When they do this within the confines of a short demo video, it can make viewers’ eyeballs finish over.

Remember, high information density makes your demo video lose steam and viewer attention. It’s tempting to tell the whole story and overwhelm the viewer with value.

However, try your best to resist. Getting someone to watch a demo video is just another step to them becoming a buyer which all the nuances reserve later.