Tools For Making Animated Videos: Apple Motion 5 Review, New Features

Anywhere between editing video and designing motion graphics, there are countless jobs that require making this thing to work. It starts with handling transitions, compositing, moving around in the video scenes, compositing, masking, and many more.

From its first release, Apple Motion aimed highly at this type of movement. It is neither unique in that regard, nor does it do more than other rival tools. However, it promises to perform your tasks more rapidly and with less effort.

Apple Motion latest release comes together with Final Cut Pro X or FCP X. It features new looks and expanded keying and parameter control.

Moreover, it has a new architecture platform for greater performance. It also takes pride in new abilities as a Final Cut companion.

Project And Browser

Apple Motion 5 has a new Project Browser window which is an evidence that the company offers some unique abilities right from the start. Even though it is possible to create a Motion project and then import that project into FCP X, it also allows you to create generators, transitions, Final Cut effects, and titles.

It is not surprising that its interface sports the same clean, dark, sleek exterior as Final Cut Pro X.  When it comes to the experienced of Motion users, however, the interface feel very familiar.

The File Browser, Inspector, and Library all exist and work much the same way as they did in its last version Furthermore, the Timeline Toolbar is similar to the one in iMovie ’11and FCP X.


With broad choices of motion titles, generators, and replicators, it is safe to say not much of this content is included with the initial install of Motion 5. However, Software Update or the Motion application menu offers the additional content directly to your Mac for no extra charge.

Final Considerations

Motion 5 is cooler on the eye and feels like a more complete and accomplished version than its predecessor. If you are working with keyframe and multiple parameters, this tool is a great reason for you to pay the tiny price of entry into the world of motion graphics.

It also adds to that the new Easy Chroma Keying feature, ability to create and modify templates for FCP X. Besides, Apple fully intends for Motion and FCP X to be complementary tools for video editors and visual storytellers more in the future.