How To Use Video Explainer For Your Business?

Although explainer videos are mostly used for on how to videos, it is an excellent method to promote your product or service to the customers.

This article will reveal to you what explainer videos are and how to use them in your business

What Is It?

Explainer videos are short online business or marketing videos which are used to clarify a company’s product or service. Moreover, these videos are often placed on a landing page, website’s home page, prominent product page, etc.

Explainer videos are exactly what they meaning like. They are short videos that ideally 60-90 seconds long. Furthermore, the video begins with a customer’s problem and end with the solution to that issue.

It is extremely popular which some sites possess of conversion rates increasing by as much as 144 percent after utilizing an explainer video on their website. Hence, there are no doubts that online videos are an incredible resource for your business.

How To Start Using Video Explainer?

First of all, outline your explainer video. Making anything is easier when you have an outline to work from. This is especially true when it comes to content creation, like eBooks to white papers to videos.

The basic form of an explainer video has just two subjects, problem, and solution. For example, create a character that people relate to the story, and introduce relatable problems that the customer wants to solve.

By following these steps, customers are hook by playing to their fears and worries. After that, make the solution look impressive.

Additionally, explain how your product or service fixes the problems you introduced. Then show what it feels like when those problems are solved.

Second, work with a merchant. Even though it is easy to find companies that create explainer videos, you still need much time to evaluate their service.

A few things to consider are the process, number, and quality of examples they have done and the price. As you go through the process with your vendor, build versatility into your project.

The process starts with you and the dealer writes a script based on your outline. After that, he/she creates a storyboard which you give feedback.

Then the seller animates the storyboard which you give more feedback, and at last, the salesperson produces it.

Finally, send viewers to your landing page. For example, if you are posting your explainer video on YouTube, you can add annotated links to your video.

However, always remember that they can only link to other YouTube videos which is a good strategy if you have established YouTube channel. Furthermore, you can put an annotation in your video that shows your website address.